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My great apartment hunt began several weeks ago on a sweltering July day. I don’t think I was naive going into the search, but I was certainly unprepared for some of the things I saw.

Manhattan is unfair. There, I said it. For the astronomical rent you pay, you receive very little space in return. My apartment is tiny. Very tiny. My bedroom is 7” x 9 but it is also on one of the most desirable streets in Manhattan. So, it’s certainly a trade off that I am becoming more and more willing to make. I know I’ll be overjoyed come November when I have a leisurely and beautiful fall foliage walk through Washington Square Park!

Believe it or not, I took my first trip to Ikea today. I was extremely excited to go and see all those unbelievable bargains that I had only heard about, in person. But the trip took a sour turn when it dawned on me that I would not be able to fit both a desk and a dresser in my room. Luckily, Ikea did indeed save the day! Check out these awesome, and not-so-space consuming purchases!



I chose this amazing (and cheap!) unit because that little knob opens a HUGE desk and book shelf area and underneath are layers of shelving for clothes! I love killing two birds with one stone :).


And I’m going to stack this neat unit for more clothing storage on top!

But my favorite purchase of the day was definitely…



This amazing, and comfy cozy red armchair! I absolutely LOVE it! I definitely want to spiff it up a little bit with a black and white paisley pillow or something when everything is in order.

I also grabbed a couple of nice little (and cheap!!) accessories…a floral doormat, face towels, and a small garbage can. 

Now all I need is a mattress and a cheap sofa…any recommendations?! 

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