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Ever since Josh’s colon surgery he has been drinking a ton of Gatorade. So much so that at times…well, I’ll spare you the gory details. Let’s just say Gatorade is so heavily flavored and artificially colored that it turns certain things colors.

Personally, I am a water drinker. I’m afraid of turning my intestines blue, green, or purple. But I must admit that sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. My palette needs something more.

I frequent Organica Natural Foods when I’m home in the suburbs and recently found a perfect substitute for plain water. Ayala’s Herbal Water is very simple—it’s water enhanced with organic herbs and flowers. These drinks are all unsweetened and have absolutely no additives. Just plants + water. Pure and simple—just the way I like it.

Over the past couple of months I’ve made it a point to try all of Ayala’s flavors. My absolute favorite is definitely the Ginger Lemon Peel—a perfect balance of citrus and ginger! My least favorite, I must admit, is the Lemon Verbena Geranium. I actually would not recommend this flavor at all (too much like gargling cheap air freshener…eeekss!!) 

Shown above are: Cinnamon Orange Peel, Lemongrass/Mint/Vanilla, Lavendar Mint, Cloves/Cardamom/Cinnamon,  and Ginger Lemon Peel.

I do understand the importance of electrolytes and if you need a quick sodium and mineral fix, try making your own Gatorade with these few household ingredients. Dye free! 

Natural Electrolyte Drink

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup lime juice

1 teaspoon salt

the juice of 1 orange

4 cups of water

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